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If you have not yet downloaded and tried the program, then please do so BEFORE ordering. This is called "Try Before You Buy."
You will have ten days to use the program for free. Then when you know this is the program for you, simply purchase it from the Help menu in the program. You will then receive your key which unlocks all features of the program.
Purchase the Health Profiles Software:

You may purchase Health Profiles for $79. After your purchase,
you will receive your registration key and a separate receipt by
e-mail. Click on the link below to begin your purchase.

Health Profiles Software: Buy Now

Buy A Health Profiles Gift Certificate and Show You Care
You can now buy a Health Profiles Gift Certificate, and give someone a copy of the Health Profiles Program.

A perfect gift for new parents, someone just starting out on their own, business associates, friends, teachers, parents, retirees, etc.

Simply click on the button below and buy the certificate. The certificate will not expire, and has NO maintenance fees. You will need to supply the recipient's email address. You will have an opportunity to write a personal note that will be put on the gift certificate. To buy one now, click the button:

Subscribe To Health Profiles Uploads: (This is an Optional service, and is not required in order to use Health Profiles.) The Health Profiles Upload Subscription provides a secure way of storing your health and other vital information on-line.

This means that your health information and other vital information will be available anywhere there is Internet access. Perfect for travel, emergencies, and other times you need ease of access to your vital data.

All data is stored in password protected and encrypted PDF files (prepared using the Health Profiles Software), that may be read or printed from most any computer that is connected to the Internet. Store the whole family's Health Profiles. Store copies of birth certificates, passports, insurance papers, and any critical information you may need.

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