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The items below provide access to the latest health and medical information available today.
Choose the area of interest to you and click on the link. Be sure to bookmark this page, as the information provided changes daily. Suggestions? Topics you'd like to see? Send your ideas to

 Type of Information   Did you know you can use HealthProfiles in a board and care?
Medical News   Did you know Health Profiles Uploads can include copies of valuable papers such as passports, and insurance papers?
Daily Health    
Weekly Health News    
Allergies   HealthProfiles can keep ongoing Blood Pressure readings!
Alzheimers Disease    
Arthritis   If you use WinXP and have a modem, you can fax directly from Health Profiles to your doctors offices!
Cholesterol   Health Profiles has a blank form for data collection if needed.
Chronic Pain    
Cold and Flu    
Crohns Disease    You can take Health Profiles data with you in PDF formats.
Diabetes    You can track Pain Events and Symptoms with Health Profiles. Then print a report for your doctor.
Feet and Fitness   The Medicine Manager will help you manage all prescriptions and non-prescription drugs and vitamins. NO MORE CONFUSION.
Healthy Living    
Heart   Track all drug costs with Health Profiles.
Hepatitis C    
High Blood Pressure    
HIV    Use Health Profiles to manage the care of a chronic illness.
Medications   Print a handy WalletCard to carry with you in case of emergencies.
Mens Health    
Mental Health    How many people can you keep in Health Profiles? As many as you want!
Osteoporosis   Make collecting Family History a family project!
Kids Health    
Rheumatoid Arthritis   Don't forget to update your data when it changes.
Senior Health    
Skin   Your PDF files should be password protected and encrypted for your own protection.
Thyroid   If you have a scanner, you can store any medical papers in HealthProfiles. Even X-Rays!
Weight Management   HealthProfiles are the perfect way to track the progress of children.
Womens Health