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Health Profiles Features: Click on any or all questions that interest you.
What types of information does Health Profiles keep? (click for a complete list)
What does the Medicine Manager do?
Who should use this software?
How can I keep my information at home, AND on the Internet?

How safe is my information?
What if I don't have an Internet connection?
Can I keep information that I already have, such as hospital paperwork?
How much information for how many people, can I keep?

How does Health Profiles compare to other software?
How much does the software cost?
Can I try out Health Profiles to see if I like it?
I travel a lot. Can I take it on the road with me?

What are Health Applets?
Can I use Health Profiles on my network?
Is there a lot of data entry to be done?

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What does the Medicine Manager do? The Medicine Manager takes all your current prescriptions and vitamins, and prepares a schedule of when to take them and in what dosages. The Medicine Manager is an integrated wizard that becomes active when you enter a current prescription or vitamin. The Medicine Manager Schedule report an be updated as drugs or vitamins change. Keep the report near the prescriptions so it can be consulted on a daily basis. It is an excellent way to minimize confusion about what drugs to take when. Back To Top

Who should use this software? Well we think everybody should use it. If you ever go to doctors (even if you are well), get lab tests done, take prescriptions, travel, take care of family members, run a day care center for kids or seniors, or simply live by yourself, you can and should use this software. It provides you with a complete picture of your health. So if the need arises (and sooner or later it will), you can easily give this information to a health provider, or emergency aid worker. Think back to any disaster (like the Katrina Hurricane) and imagine how much easier it would have been for evacuees to have had all of their health information at their fingertips, or better yet, accessible via the Internet. Back To Top

How can I keep my information at home, AND on the Internet? Keeping it at home is easy. There are two ways to do this. The first is by simply keeping the Health Profiles on your personal computer. The second way is also easy. Health Profiles allows you to create PDF (Portable Document Format) files of all the health data in the program. PDF files can be password protected and encrypted, so the information is only viewable by the someone with the password. These PDF files can be kept on a diskette, or a CDROM, or any other removable media, such as a USB Flash Drive. Keep the media in a safe, or at a relatives house, or anywhere it will be safe. Of course the media is also useful for trips as well.
Now for keeping it on the Internet. If you wish to do this, we provide an optional service. The service is called "Health Uploads" and provides a special passworded place on our site, just for your data. The cost is $60 per year, and you can store as many Health Profile reports as needed. When you sign up, we provide you with special software that uploads your files. As soon as the files are uploaded, you can access them with almost any computer. Remember that not only are the files stored in a protected area, but the files are also encrypted and password protected as well, so your information is safe! Back To Top

How safe is my information? Your information never needs to leave your computer if you don't want it to leave. But if you do wish to take it with you, it will be in password protected PDF files. These files are readable on any computer (Windows, Apple Computers, UNIX, Linux, etc.) so you don't need to have a computer with you. Each file can only be read if the correct password is given. PDF files are used world wide by governments and corporations. Back To Top

What if I don't have an Internet connection? You do not need an Internet connection to use Health Profiles. You will need a connection for downloading the program and purchase, but then you can install the program on any computer running Win 98, Win XP, or Win 2000-2003. Back To Top

Can I keep information that I already have, such as hospital paperwork? If you have a scanner, you can scan the information and then reference it in Health Profiles. Once it is in electronic form, it can also be converted into PDF files so the data may be kept on-line with the Optional Health Uploads program, or simply keep it on removable media. Back To Top

How much information for how many people, can I keep? There are no limits on the number of people or amount of information you can keep in Health Profiles. It is an excellent program for anyone running Board and Care facilities, day care centers, or just for an extended family. Back To Top

How does Health Profiles compare to other software? Quite frankly, we shine! Our prices are lower, we keep more information, it is more accessible, and it's easier to use. Some of our competitors actually require that your FAX all of your information to them! We think your data should be at your fingertips, be useful every day, and not require additional expenses, like faxing! Health Profiles makes it easy to keep as much information as you wish, get to it anytime you need it, and it has the tools to help you everyday!
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How much does the software cost? Health Profiles has a one time cost of $79. This entitles you to keep as much data on as many people you want to. Conversion of your data into portable files (PDF) is included. Back To Top

Can I try out Health Profiles to see if I like it? YES! Just click on the menu item on the left (Download Free Trial). Download the program and install it. Try it for 10 days. Put some data in, print some reports, make some PDF files.
If you like it, then buy it. Once you receive your registration key, you can unlock the trial to become your copy of the program. No need to re-install it, or to re-enter data. Back To Top

I travel a lot. Can I take it on the road with me? We don't recommend taking the whole program with you. But you can take your PDF files. That way you'll have your prescriptions information, your general health profile, and other important information with you.
Of course, you can simply enroll in the Health Uploads program and store all the data on-line so you can access it anywhere there is an Internet connection. Back To Top

What are Health Applets? Well they are delicious little fruits... No, just kidding. Health Applets are single purpose software programs that make it easy to take it with you. For example, let's say you must monitor your blood glucose several times a day, and you travel frequently. Then the Blood Glucose Monitor Applet can be installed on a laptop, and you can enter the monitoring information daily. Then when you've returned home, simply transfer the data into your copy of Health Profiles. Note that not all applets can update Health Profiles. Some are independent stand alone programs.
Here are the applets which are or will be soon available: Blood Glucose Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Pedometer Tacker (for tracking walking distances), Pain Event Tracking, Symptoms Tracking, Diet and Weight Tracking, and Exercise Tracking.
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Can I use Health Profiles on my network? Yes, Health Profiles is network ready. If you have a network, you can install the program onto a server, and several workstations can access it simultaneously. Health Profiles is network ready and is excellent for Board and Care facilties where more than one person may need to access the information. Back To Top

Is there a lot of data entry to be done? No. In fact many entries are simple checkboxes. Many other items which are used often are stored in tables so once they have been typed, there is no need to re-type that entry again. A good example is a doctors name. Type in a doctors name once, and it is available in a pull down menu in all parts of the program where you need the doctors name. Much of the information is just lie that. Type it once, and re-use it as often as you need to. Easy to use, but very powerful. Back To Top

Here is a complete listing of everything covered by Health Profiles:
Personal Information,

Health Information,
Body Mass Index,
Emergency Contacts,
Health Plan Information,
Medical Conditions,
Medical Equipment,
Drug Allergies,
Food Allergies,
Other Allergies and Conditions,
Doctors Visits,
Blood Pressure Monitoring,
Blood Glucose Monitoring,
Medical Expenses,
Medicine Manager,
Laboratory Tests,
Personal Medical Journals,
Symptoms Tracking,
Surgeries History

Pain Event Tracking,
Family History,
Protected PDF files,
Alzheimers Disease,
Atrial Fibrillation,
Auto Immune Disorder,
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD),
Congestive Heart Failure
Coronary Heart Disease
Cystic Fibrosis,

Hearing Impairments,
Headaches (Migraines, Cluster)
Other Blood Disorders,
HIV Aids,
Muscular Dystrophy,
Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack),
Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension,
Seizure Disorder,
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