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Frequently Asked Questions About Health Profiles
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1. What removable media can I store my Health Profiles PDFs on?
2. How many people can I keep information on?
3. What is a PDF file?
4. What is encryption?
5. What is an applet?
6. How do I make PDF files that no one can read?
7. How can I send an unprotected PDF file safely in email?
8. How can I upload, to my "Upload Account", a copy of my passport?
9. What happens to my PDF files when my Upload Account is not renewed?
10. I have some documents from my last hospital stay. How do I keep them in Health Profiles?
11. How often should I print my blood pressure report?
12. How often should I print my blood glucose report?
13. Who should I include in my family history?
14. What should I take from Health Profiles when seeing a health care provider?
15. Can I store the whole family's Health Profiles on-line, or just mine?
16. I just changed doctors. What do I need to do in Health Profiles?
17. How do I enter non-prescription drugs, and vitamins in the prescriptions area?
18. How do I change drugs in the Medicine Manager printouts?
19. What costs should I put in for the various drugs I use?
20. How do I setup Health Profiles on a network for several people to use?
21. When would I use the blank Health Profile report?
22. My condition isn't listed. How do I enter it?
23. Should I enter my hearing aid or glasses as medical equipment?

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