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Health Applets
Applets are single purpose software. An applet, simply does one job, and usually is part of a larger software program. Health Profiles has several applets. They are:
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring Applet
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring Applet
  • Pain Event Monitor
  • Symptoms Monitor

Note that the above applets will then share their data with the main Health Profiles program.

Several stand alone applets are also available. These programs do not share their data with the Health Profiles programs, but have stand alone reports in the event you wish to provide the data
with your health care providers.

  • Pedometer Tracker (tracks steps walked, miles, calories burned. You must supply the pedometer.)
  • Weight Control Program (Computes BMI, Basal Metobolic Rate, tracks food eaten)
  • Daily Exercise Logger (Tracks your daily exercises by type, duration, and frequency.)

All applet software will be available for purchase after January 1, 2008.

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